"A brand for you to dress & affect how you feel;


-Brand Creator,
Jamie Jones

SOUTHERN made, with SOUL in mind.

We created this brand so that you can dress & affect the way you feel; “Renew your spirit and speak Life into your being.”

The clothing industry is ran by a few multi-billion dollar corporations that  are disconnected from their customers.

We want to change that.

When I first decided to start an apparel company I was nervous. 

I knew that being an underdog in the industry would be an understatement.

But, at the end of the day I knew that consumers deserved better.

Southern Soul Apparel is made to elevate your aura. When you wear our pieces they have meaning, the have spirit, they have SOUL. Apparel designed to uplift you with a personalized inspirational message that helps inspire you on your journey.  

We also take a percentage of every sale and put it into an investment fund that funds an individuals vision every 6 months.

We want to help build legacies and dreams.

We are bringing the human touch to the apparel industry  one vision at a time.